Brown trout on Penrith Anglers waters
Trout fishing on Penrith Angling waters is for wild, unstocked fish only. The last stocking to take place on our waters was in 2006, and the last known stocking on any part of the Eden catchment came to an end in 2013. New evidence around that time indicated that farm bred fish weakened the genetic strains of the wild native stocks. Farmed trout were also said to be much more aggressive and would force out the smaller native fish from pools and/or eat them. Therefore, it was decided that while there remained a respectable stock of wild fish within the catchment, it would be sensible and responsible for our generation of anglers to preserve and increase what remained of the native stocks.

Within just a few years of withdrawing PAA’s stocking policy on our waters, we began to see an increase in the numbers of wild fish and an improvement in the fishing. Initially, some anglers who were more accustomed to fishing for reasonably easy caught ‘farmed trout’, took a little time to adapt to the demands of fishing for wild fish - their different feeding habits and increased sensitivity to imitative fly patterns etc. But once they did, most found catching wild fish in wild surroundings a much more satisfactory achievement. This is now one of the main attractions for many that join PAA to fish our waters.

All PAA waters can and have produced outstanding catches for members, when fished in suitable conditions. They can also prove very challenging at times, even for the most experienced angler, but that can be the nature of fishing for wild fish. The advice would be that members should not judge any of the waters on just a few days of fishing. You may be surprised by the numbers of feeding fish when you do find conditions suitable!

PAA member Geoff Johnston with A beautiful River Eden troutPAA member Geoff Johnston with a beautiful trout from the 2021 season

In the past couple of decades larger fish have shown up in catches with more regularity. 2lb fish are now considered to be quite common and fish of 3 to 4lbs+ are reported each season. Over the last few years PAA waters have produced at least one fish over 5lb, with the occasional one of 6lb+ being recorded. Trout of 8lb+ have also been reported and it may not be unreasonable to suggest that a fish reaching a weight nearer double figures may eventually be caught. So there is every chance of catching a trout of a lifetime!