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Local Members 95.00
Country Members (i.e. resident outside a 20 mile radius of Penrith Post Office) 145.00
Local Senior Citizens (men and women aged 65 and over) 47.50
Country Senior Citizens (i.e. resident outside the 20 mile radius and aged 65 and over) 72.50
Registered Disabled Persons - Local 47.50
Registered Disabled Persons - Country 72.50
Junior Members - Local (21 years of age or under) 10.00
Junior Members - Country (i.e. resident outside the 20 mile radius and 21 years of age or under) 10.00
There is a one-off entry fee of 20 payable by new members or 15 each for married couples


Married couples pay 1 times the appropriate single subscription rate.  If the two rates differ, the half payment relates to the lower of the two. e.g. for a married couple where one partner is a Country Member and the other a Country Senior Citizen, the total subscription fee will be 181.25  (1x 145 + x 72.50), plus the entry fee of 15 each.
This concession for married couples applies to both local and country members.




Penrith Angling Association have an agreement with John Norris fishing tackle, this entitles all members to a 15% discount off all goods bought from the shop.
Please note: This does not apply to special offer, sale goods or mail order and discount will only be given if a valid membership card is presented at the time of purchase

Click here for an Application Form

If you are interested in joining Penrith Angling Association you can print a copy and send it to:
Mr A Dixon, 3 Newtown Cottages, Skirwith, Penirth, Cumbria CA10 1RJ



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