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There are 20 maps in total in a set. Each of the 20 maps have been numbered and each stretch of water named, making reference for future changes simpler to explain in writing. To help determine your precise location when on the river, all the PAA signs will be numbered. This numbering system is reflected on the maps by identifying each particular sign by its number, in a circle.

The circled numbers prefixed by a "P" e.g. P1, identify parking spots. The directions set out at the bottom of each map are accurate to the nearest 0.05 mile. Please note that when compiling these directions, the car mileometer was reset to zero at the beginning of each stage. For increased accuracy therefore, it is suggested that you adopt the same format.

As you will notice, most of the directions begin at Kemplay Roundabout. This is the first roundabout on the A66 when travelling east from Junction 40 of the M6.

If you do not want to start at Kemplay Roundabout the following link may be helpful, you can get access to Ordnance survey maps and get a bird's eye view of the area Where's the path ?

The maps are available for members and visitors to print copies and they should fit a single A4 sheet, before printing it may be worth clicking File at the top of the page, then click Page set up and change from Portrait to Landscape as all maps except 2 and 16 are in this format, alternatively you can change in print properties before printing or check by doing a print preview.

Please note: The fishing on maps 2,3,5,14,15 and 16 is restricted to members and their guests only, day and weekly permits are not valid on these stretches.


Click here for notes on Grayling Fishing and Rules & Regulations

Click on map number to view (
Some maps may take a short while to download)

MAP 1 - Bell Holme/Anthony Holme, River Eden and Briggle Beck 

MAP 2 - Skirwith Abbey/Lower Winderwath, River Eden (P.A.A. members and their guests)   

MAP 3 - Upper Winderwath/Julian Bower, River Eden (P.A.A. members and their guests only)

MAP 4 - Bolton Willows/Powis House, River Eden and Troutbeck

MAP 5 - Whinfell Park, River Eamont (P.A.A. members and their guests only)

MAP 6 - Wesmorland Holme/Carlton Hall park, River Eamont

MAP 7 - Pokey Dub, River Eamont    

MAP 8 - Upper Eamont and Dacre Beck, Dalemain   

MAP 9 - River Lowther (map 1)    

MAP 10 - River Lowther (map 2)   

MAP 11 - River Lowther  (map 3)

MAP 12 - River Lowther (map 4)

MAP 13 - River Lowther (map 5)

MAP 14 - River Petteril (P.A.A. members and their guests only)

MAP 15 - River Petteril (P.A.A. members and their guests only)

MAP 16 - Coombs Wood, River Eden (P.A.A. members and their guests only)

MAP 17 - River Lyvennet (P.A.A. members and their guests only)

MAP 18 - River Leith (P.A.A. members and their guests only)

MAP 19 - River Leith (P.A.A. members and their guests only)

MAP 20 - River Leith (P.A.A. members and their guests only)


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