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All season (AS)
Early season (ES)
Mid season (MS)
Late season (LS)

Wet Flies Waterhen Bloa (ES), Snipe and Purple (AS), Greenwells (AS), various Black Spiders (AS), Partridge & Orange (ES), Partridge & Yellow (MS), Dark Watchett (AS), Hares Ear (AS), Bustards (MS & LS).

Dry Flies Rough Olive (ES), Blue Winged Olive (MS & LS), various Olive Comparaduns (AS), Black Gnats (AS), Sherry Spinner (MS & LS), Pale Wateries (MS & LS), GRHE (AS), beetle imitations (MS), Hawthorn (ES), Pheasant Tail (MS), Ginger Quill (MS), CDC patters (AS), Grey Duster (MS), Adams (MS), midge patterns ((AS) and tiny smut patterns (MS).

Nymphs Goldhead Pheasant Tail (AS), Black Goldhead (AS), Olive Nymphs (AS), stonefly imitations (ES & MS) and various czech nymphs and shrimp patterns (AS).


'The Large Dark Olive (Baëtis rhodani)'
'The Large Dark Olive (Baëtis rhodani)'





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