Entomology for anglers courses

Andrew Dixon & Stuart Crofts have been running the ‘Entomology for Anglers’ course at the Freshwater Biological Association each year since 2009. The course is to help anglers increase their knowledge of entomology which will aid in the success of catching fish more consistently.
The course teaches you how to approach you’re fishing in a more structured manner derived from the clues which are not always obvious to the untrained eye.

The identification and understanding of the life cycle and the habits of the insects which may be observed throughout your fishing day, will help you make quicker decisions on what the fish are feeding on and how best to represent and imitate the food available to the fish.

The course will deal with information which will help you understand what changes can be expected throughout your fishing day, and how to decipher what will be the best approach from your observations.
We will show you a simple procedure on how to tackle each and every day, on any given water and in any conditions to decide which is be the best approach.

Over the three courses there will be PowerPoint presentations, practical demos, and video footage. Microscopes will be used in the FBA Laboratory to learn how to use basic guides through to scientific keys to identify the flies you may find on the rivers you fish.

If you are one of those anglers who gets to the river, but doesn’t know where to start, then this is the course for you. Andrew and Stuart have both fished for England many times at national and international level and have studied entomology for many years. Each of the 3 levels covers a full day’s tuition for a maximum of 16 clients; however, it is up to you how many levels you require. If you are interested in attending level 1, please search online at  www.fba.org.uk   for course dates and prices.

Entomology for anglers attendants in the classroom
Entomology for anglers attendants collecting samples
Stuart Crofts briefs course attendants

Contact Information:

The Freshwater Biological Association, YMCA Lakeside (North Site), The Hedley Building, Newby Bridge, Lakeside, Ulverston,Cumbria LA12 8BD Tel: (015394) 42468