Penrith Angling Association controls approximately 9.5 miles of mainly double bank on the River Lowther.

The Lowther is a smaller river flowing through limestone and with less urgency than the Eamont. Although it is the main spawning area for Eden spring salmon it is primarily a trout fishery. It contains some very large trout through the middle stretches in the deeper pools and provides some very challenging fishing. Wet fly and nymphing may be practiced in certain areas, but it is the destination for the dry fly aficionados.

The River Lowther
The River Lowther

Held back by Wet Sleddale dam, the Lowther flows at a fairly consistant level and is rarely to be found in flood through the summer months, in fact it is often found to be still fishable when the Eden and Eamont are not.

The fish are generally smaller on the upper reaches
A River Lowther trout

The upper stretches of the Lowther open into the moors and are home to some of the spookiest of fish you will ever come across. The best of the fishing here is when there is a little colour in the water. The fish are generally smaller but fish over 1lb are not uncommon. 

Members and visiting anglers can check the water levels for the River Lowther prior to their visit by going to Latest river level information for the River Lowther

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