Penrith Angling Association controls approximately 7.5 miles of mainly double bank fishing on the River Eamont. 

The Eamont, a main tributary of the Eden, is fed from Ullswater Lake. It flows approximately 12 miles, before joining the River Eden at "Waters meet", combining on route with the River Lowther.

A fish is drawn to the net
An Eamont fish is drawn to the net

This is a medium sized river with a more precipitous flow than the Eden. It has very clear water, with a mainly gravel bottom except in the deeper pools which collect silt.

The upper Eamont is predominantly a trout fishery, whilst the lower sections also hold some grayling. The trout average ¾lb but many larger fish are caught, 4lb 2oz in 2002 and 4lb 8oz in 2003 and 4lb 5oz in 2007  being the largest in recent years, with several fish over 2lb caught annually. The record for the Eamont is 8lbs.   

Comments from French member Nico Chièze after the capture of his 4lb 5oz Eamont Brown Trout

'Just this quick email to let you know I've break my record last friday evening (28 june) with a lovely brown trout of 4.5lb on sedge fly.
Unfortunately the only day I don't take the camera is the one I do it.
2 other members where close to me when it's happen so you might hear about it.
Of course the fish was released after been weighted by my net.
It's seem to be a good season for big fish as I have caught already 4 fish + or - 3lb and my friend Julien 3.
Hope you have a good season too and THANKS again to run our exceptional association.'

A good early season Eamont trout
PAA member Geoff Johnston with  an Eamont fish taken in late March

Members and visiting anglers can check the water levels for the River Eamont prior to their visit by going to the Latest river level information for the River Eamont: Pooley Bridge gauge  and  Eamont Bridge gauge

There is also a webcam On the River Eamont at Eamont Bridge

Please Check: Penrith Anglers Safety notes for members and visitors