Penrith Anglers endeavour to maintain all of the waters under their control.

We regularly replace broken or worn signs and install stiles to aid access for anglers and prevent damage to landowners fences.

Winter storms bring fallen trees into our rivers and, when necessary, we organise work parties to clear any obstacles.

The pictures shown below are the result of a recent work party on a stretch of the River Petteril controlled by the club. The severe storms of January 2005 brought down several trees here and subsequent floods have caused a build up of debris behind them, resulting in severe bank erosion in some areas and creating impassable barriers for the upstream or downstream migration of fish.

Penrith Anglers would like to thank the following for volunteering to help and for doing such an excellent job: Colin, our tractor and winch driver, Andrew Dixon, Geoff Johnston, Joe Miller, Rob Coleman, Mike Ashwin, Eric Harrison and Rodney Bertram.

River Petteril blockage
A build up of debris created a severe blockage on the River Petteril

River Petteril after clearance
The same area after the debris had been cleared

Installing stiles on the riverbank
'Stile gurus' Rob Coleman and Andrew Dixon add the finishing touches
to a new stile on the River Petteril