Please note: Visitor tickets for Grayling fishing are not available during the closed trout season.

Grayling are not indigenous to the Eden system. They were first introduced into the Eden in the 1880’s. They became well established up until the 1960s when their numbers fell following the effects of U.D.N., a fungal disease brought into the river by the salmon.

The grayling population has been on the increase throughout the Eden over the last few years and they are now worth fishing for during the winter months.


The Eden grayling grow extremely fast compared to most other waters, reaching a length of around 40cm in their third year. On average they reach about 1┬Żlb in their short life span, but many 2 to 3lb fish are caught each season, and at least two known specimens captured further down river weighed over the 4lb mark

Rules & Regulations
In addition to the normal rules of the Association, the following specific rules apply for grayling fishing:

A nice Eden Grayling

Grayling Beats
Grayling fishing only, is allowed on the following waters during the closed trout season:
(These areas are identified on the individual maps)

Map 1 - Bell Holme and Anthony Holme

Map 2 - Skirwith Abbey right bank (The Lower Winderwath left bank can only be fished for Grayling from the 16th June to 30th October)

Map 3 - Winderwath (Grayling fishing is only allowed from 16th June to 30th October)

Map 3 - Julian Bower (Between the 'X' marks shown on the map)

Map 4 - Bolton Willows, shared water with Appleby Angling Association

Map 5 - Whinfell Park

Map 6 - Westmorland Holme

Map 16 - Coombs Wood